Wyborowa vodka

Wyborowa vodka history and dates.

In 1823 Hartwig Kantorowicz established a new modern distillery in Poznan. That same year, a Polish newspaper announced a competition to find the finest vodka in Poland. When Hartwig Kantorowicz presented his vodka, the president of the judging panel proclaimed it “Exquisite!” The rest of the panel agreed and this was named the best vodka in Poland. Thrilled by the word used to describe his vodka, Hartwig decided to call it “Wyborowa” which literally translates as “Exquisite” in English. The uniqueness of Wyborowa resulted from the use of rye, the most modern distillation methods, and the experience of the Master Distiller. In 1927 Wyborowa became the world’s first vodka to register its brand name internationally. Wyborowa went on to become a celebrated brand of Polish vodka both in its home market and abroad. Awarded over 22 gold medals and several other trophies at theworld’s most prestigious international fairs, Wyborowa continues to win acclaim throughout the world. Wyborowa’s production process was perfected over many years but the heart of spirit retains the character originally createdby Kantorowicz in 1823. More recently the brand has experienced various challenging situations which proved that the brand equity was strong enough to overcome the economic and political turbulence of the20th Century. A flagship brand during the Communist regime, Wyborowa subsequently became one of the key players in the international vodka market, with sales of 9 million litres in 2003. After being integrated into the Groupe Pernod Ricard, the brand underwent an extensive reassessment process which resulted in a revised brand portfolio, a new brand positioning and an entirely new approach to the vodka market.