Wyborowa Pure

Wyborowa Pure is a natural, clear vodka created using only the finest quality RYE grain, which delivers a natural sweetness, silky texture and a balanced character. The production process has been perfected over 500 years and our original recipe embodies the very best traditions of high quality Polish vodka.

Tasting Notes

(N) - Nose, (P) - Palate, and (F) – Finish

Wyborowa Pure

  • N: Rich, rounded nuttiness of a fresh rye loaf.
  • P: Soft texture with up-front, full-bodied, nutty, rye bread notes, subtle sweetness with a savoury balance, and light creaminess opening up.
  • F: Fresh, rich, rounded, nutty and sustained.

Gordon Brown, Classic Spirits of the World

“The spirit is clean and clear but it retains notable texture and background flavour. Lovely insinuating and sustained grain fragrance, slightly grassy and sweet with musky cachou like finish.”

Ian Wisniewski, The Independent

“Soft, rye flavour, lovely subtle sweetness and nicely perky follow - through.”

Andrew Jefford

“Na zdrowie as they say in Poland.”

London Evening Standard,

“Pronounced aromatic character, faintly spicy notes, characterful, cleansing flavour with light, oily bite.”

“An elegant, stylish, dry vodka with real length on the palate.”