Wyborowa flavours

The development of Wyborowa’s own range of flavoured vodkas was inspired by the traditional ingredients used by our ancestors. As early distillers were unable to purify spirit and remove unpleasant aromas and flavours they tried to conceal them by adding aromatic ingredients such as herbs, spices, flowers and fruit. This practical measure was also the reason for Poland’s vast range of flavoured vodkas. Wyborowa Flavoured range complements Wodka Wyborowa Pure, adding creativity and innovation.

Tasting Notes:

(N) - Nose, (P) - Palate, and (F) – Finish

Wyborowa Swieza Lemon

  • N: Fresh, zesty, lemon sorbet, lemon meringue, garnished with nutty rye.
  • P: Delicate texture with subtle lemon zest, lemon meringue, a hint of lime and growing underlying creaminess of nutty rye.
  • F: Zesty, fresh tartness balanced by lemon sorbet sweetness.

Wyborowa Soczysta Orange

  • N: Zesty, freshly squeezed juice, creamy orange parfait, orange marmalade and a hint of apricot.
  • P: Elegantly creamy with nuttiness garnished by delicate orange zest, orange marmalade, and ripe sweetness balanced by dry zestiness, extending with citrus and apricot hints.
  • F: Fresh, zesty orange juice with nutty creaminess.

Wyborowa Rajskie Apple

  • N: Minty, fresh green apple skins, juicy flesh with hints of honey and cloves.
  • P: Silky texture, creamy nuttiness laced with crisp, green apple tartness and a touch of baked apples with cloves. Retains a minty freshness with a hint of fruity core.
  • F: Fresh, minty green apple tartness with a hint of savoury rye and balancing sweetness.

Wyborowa Klapsa Pear

  • N: Juicy, ripe conference pear skin and flesh with a hint of fruity core, garnished with citrus freshness.
  • P: Very delicate texture with fresh, juicy, luscious pear flesh, and balancing dry, nutty spiciness, while retaining ripe fruit freshness.
  • F: Burst of juicy pear flesh, like taking another bite.

Wyborowa Migdalowy Almond

  • N: Rich almond paste, macaroons, marzipan, like an indulgent dessert.
  • P: Elegant, gliding mouth feel with creamy almond paste, macaroons and marzipan, with growing lusciousness balanced by nutty rye dryness.
  • F: Macaroons with creamy almond paste.

Wyborowa Dzika Rose

  • N: Lightly perfumed rose garden, rosewater, Turkish delight dusted with icing sugar, hint of nougat and sherbert.
  • P: Rosewater, followed by Turkish delight, hint of jasmine tea and parma violets, with a rich but elegant mouth feel.
  • F: Fresh wave of rosewater, parma violets and hint of Turkish delight.