Wonders of the Sudetens

The Sudeten Mountains are fascinating thanks to their beautiful panoramic views, fantastic rock formations of the Karkonosze and the Table Ranges, splendid caves (Bear’s Cave) and charming waterfalls (Szklarka, Kamienczyk, Wilczki).

Mineral collectors will find many wonderful and interesting pieces, especially in the Kaczawskie Mountains; among them the majority of well-known ornamental and semiprecious stones such as chrysoprasm, agate, nephrite, opal, jasper, rock crystal, lydite, magnesite, and the like.

Visitors are often enchanted by the beauty of the defensive castles at Bolkow, Czocha near Sucha, Grodno in Zagorze Slaskie; they admire the church with the Calvary (79 stations) at Wambierzyce and the Wang Chapel at Karpacz, the Chapel of Sculls (3000) at Czermna and the basilica at Strzegom; they willingly visit monasteries (Krzeszow) as well as the palace-and-park complexes, spas and interesting cities such as Jelenia Gora, Walbrzych, Klodzko, and Ladek Zdroj. The latter two plus Karpacz and Kamienna Gora constitute an excellent tourist base for hikers exploring the Sudeten Mountains.

The Sudetens are ideal for those who are fond of activ tourism. Some 3000km of marked tourist trails criss-cross their area, including the trans-European E-3 trail joining the Atlantic coast with the Black Sea. Those who choose several days’ tours can try the Mieczyslaw Orlowicz Main Sudeten Route, connecting Swieradow Zdroj with Paczkow.

The Krucze Skaly or Crow’s Rocks near Karpacz are often used by the fans of mountain climbing and cave explorers for practical exercises.

The Sudeten peaks with the highest of them, Mt Sniezka (1602m), are quite a challenge for mountain bikers. The region of the Sudetens is frequented by tourists all year round. Mountain climbing can be practised in the summer, skiing - in the winter (Szklarska Poreba, Karpacz), kayaking down the mountain streams and River Bobr - in the late spring, and hiking - during the autumnal season when countryside landscapes are so picturesque.

The Sudeten region is dotted with health resorts. Besides Ladek Zdroj, Kudowa Zdroj, Swieradow Zdroj and Polanica Zdroj, there is also Cieplice Zdroj (Jelenia Gora), a spa known for its therapeutic properties already in the 12th century. Hospitality of the host population, numerous cultural events, and a great number of old spa buildings - add much to the natural charm of these localities.


  • Jelenia Gora 58-500, pl. Piastowski 36, tel. +(48-75) 755-8844, tel./fax 755-88-45; www.sudety.it.pl 
  • Karpacz 58-540, ul. Konstytucji 3 Maja 25B, tel. +(48-75) 761-86-05, fax 761-97-16, www.karpacz.pl