Wieliczka Salt Mine

By the acts of nature which produced the salt rock and salt crystals, and by the deeds of man who carved them into galleries, chapels, sculptures and chandeliers, this gem of world culture has come about.

The Salt Mine of Wieliczka also houses a unique museum of mining technology used as early as in the 13 th century.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine in brief:

  • age: over 800 years old,
  • length of galleries: over 300 kilometres,
  • tourist route: over 2,000 metres,
  • visitors: 700,000 per year, from all continents,
  • unique features: underground lakes, chambers and pits, chapels and sculptures carved in salt rock, wooden bridges and passages,
  • highlights: the Chapel of the Blessed Kinga, the patron of salt miners, hewn out by hand from solid salt,
  • underground town: on several levels at depths ranging from 60 to 100 metres. It includes a sanatorium, post office, cinema, restaurant, souvenir shop and concert halls.