Travel by Train

Fast and express trains, InterCity and EuroCity, service international rail connections. These trains contain 1st and 2nd class carriages, couchettes, WARS sleepers, and restaurant cars.

Major Polish cities have direct rail connections with many cities in Europe

  • Warsaw – Berlin, Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest, Dresden, Kiev, Lvov, Minsk, Moscow, Odessa, Prague, St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Vienna 
  • Gdynia – Berlin 
  • Katowice – Bratislava, Prague, Zilina 
  • Cracow – Berlin, Budapest, Hamburg, Kiev, Kosice, Lvov, Vienna, Zilina 
  • Poznan – Berlin, Frankfurt–on–Oder 
  • Szczecin – Budapest 
  • Wroclaw – Berlin, Dresden, Kiev

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There exists a possibility of organising tours throughout Poland and Europe with the use of comfortable salon carriages. For detailed information you may contact the Head Office of Passenger Rail Transport in Warsaw, tel. +(48-22) 524 43 67. Poland has a well-developed network of railways which provides convenient connections with all Polish major cities and some tourist destinations as well. The country’s railway lines are administered by the Polish State Railways (PKP). Passenger trains are subdivided into the following categories: 

  • local trains (stop at every station); 
  • fast trains (stop in larger cities); 
  • express trains (stop in major cities); 
  • InterCity trains (link major cities and usually stop only at their final destination station);
  • EuroCity, Euronight and Hotel (international trains).

Express, InterCity and EuroCity trains also pull a WARS restaurant car; long distance night trains carry sleepers and/ or couchettes. All trains in Poland have smoking and non–smoking carriages or compartments.

InterCity Trains



ChrobryWarsaw – Szczecin
FredroWarsaw – Wroc³aw
GornikWarsaw – Katowice – Gliwice
KaszubWarsaw – Gdynia
KosciuszkoWarsaw – Cracow
KrakusWarsaw - Cracow
LechWarsaw - Poznan
NorwidCracow - Gdynia
OdraWarsaw - Wroclaw
OndraszekWarsaw - Bielsko-Biala
SlezaWarsaw - Wroclaw
WartaWarsaw - Poznan
WawelCracow - Berlin (Hamburg)

EuroCity, EuroNight and Hotel Trains



35/36Cracow – Kiev
BaltiWarsaw – Vilnius
BWEWarsaw – Berlin
BWEPoznañ – Berlin
ChopinWarsaw – Vienna / Prague
Jan KiepuraWarsaw – Brussels
PolonezWarsaw – Moscow
PoloniaWarsaw – Budapest / Vienna
PrahaWarsaw – Prague
SobieskiWarsaw – Vienna
SobieskiCracow – Vienna

Tickets can be purchased at station booking offices, at booking offices of such travel agents as Orbis, Wasteels, INT Express, Fly Away, Campus, “Wagon Lits Travel”, and Polres. Additionally, a seat reservation ticket is required on all InterCity, EuroCity, express trains and on some fast trains. Such trains are marked with letter R on timetables. Left-luggage storage rooms are open 24 hours at all major railway stations.

In order to consult the PKP timetable information call telephone number 94 36 for national and +(48-22) 620 45 12 for international connections,

The Polish State Railways (PKP) has a well-developed network of connections. It’s worth to buy a Polrailpass that covers 8, 15, 21 days or a month. It gives you free travel on the entire rail network, including ordinary, fast and express trains as well as a few city lines.

Buying a reserved seat ticket is recommended during the vacation period.

Bikes on train

One bicycle per person can be brought into Poland free of duty. On the whole Polish territory bikes can be transported by train only in baggage cars that are specially marked in the timetable. Buy a ticket from the booking office, attach it to your bike and take it to the freight carriage. Collect the bike as soon as you arrive. Some trains have luggage compartments (marked with letter E in timetable) to carry bikes. Then the traveller keeps both tickets with himself. Paying an addition fee (PLN 5.80 per 100 kg), you may buy both tickets from the conductor on the train (PKP regulations, §4, section 11).

Bikes are not allowed on express, InterCity and EuroCity trains since they don’t carry baggage cars. If a fast train doesn’t carry a baggage car, you may put your bike in the front entranceway of the first carriage or the back entranceway of the last carriage. There is no reservation service for bikes on Polish trains.

Narrow-gauge railways in Poland

There are still many narrow-gauge lines in Poland. Some services run according to timetable, some can be put in operation on request of tourist groups.