Olsztyn, Mirow, Bobolice, Ogrodzieniec

Trail of the Eagles’ Nets

One attractive option of exploring the Cracow - Czestochowa Upland is the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests running along the line of castles and defensive towers from Czestochowa via Olsztyn, Potok Zloty, Ostreznik, Mirow, Bobolice, Podlesice, Ogrodzieniec, Pilice, Smolen, Bydlin, Klucze, Rabsztyn, Olkusz and Ojcow to Cracow. The Jurassic landscape is dotted with ruins of medieval castles and such natural attractions as island mountains, rocky hills, caves and ravines and karst springs. Diverse fauna and flora. The hiking trail is accompanied by paths for bikers and horsemen.

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