Major tourist attractions in Poland

Poland is a big central European country, located upon the Vistula, Oder and the Baltic Sea. Beautiful nature, historical monuments, respect for traditions, intriguing modern times, and hospitality are those elements that make our country very attractive for foreign visitors. The omnipresent modernity of contemporary Poland goes hand in handwith full respect for traditions and cultural differences of its regions.

Polish landscape is very diversified. The south is occupied by the Carpathian and Sudeten Mountains. Lowlands and uplands stretch throughout central Poland. The northern part of the country with its Masurian and Pomeranian landlakes is slightly rolling, well forested and dotted with thousands of lakes. The sandy beaches of the Baltic coast are found further north.

Our eventful history and the central location in Europe, where influences of many nations and faiths meet, make Poland a country that fascinates visitors with its material and spiritual culture.

Big Polish cities are the main destination for many tourists. They possess a wealth of historical monuments, host famous people and offervariety of events. Polish cities are visited by businessmen and shoppers, and sometimes just play the role of an attractive stopover for travelers on their way elsewhere.

Tour of Poland is a must today. Modern hospitality and recreation facilities, cozy pensions and private rooms, campsites, mountain refugesand youth hostels, riverside marinas, water sports gear for hire, golf courses and many other top attractions are awaiting those who have chosen Poland as their destination.