The region of one thousand lakes

The AIT Rally was first held at Ruciane-Nida in 1964. Ever since that time, the Great Masurian Lakes region and the nearby Pisz Forest have been a popular spot with cyclists from around the world. Ruciane-Nida can become a good starting base for trips into the countryside, ranging from 31km to 60km. This is a beautiful, rolling country with hundreds of lakes of all sizes, the largest of all being Lake Sniardwy (105 sq km) which nestles in the depths of the Pisz Forest.

Gizycko can also be a convenient starting point for cyclists: it is located between two lakes, Niegocin and Kisajno, and has a well-preserved Boyen fortress (built in 1844-55), which hosts the annual Festivals of Tourist Songs. The longest of the six interesting itineraries, supplemented by three additional deviations, is the 138km route known as the Gizycko Region Trail, and the shortest is the 32km Niegocinski trail. The breathtaking rides will take you across beautiful forested and rolling countryside.


  • Gizycko 11-500 , ul. Warszawska 7, tel. +(48-87) 428-52-65, tel./fax 428-57-60
  • Olsztyn 10-017 , ul. Staromiejska 1, tel. +(48-89) 535-35-65, fax 535-35-66,