Swimming, strolling, or maybe a cruise?

Sightseeing around the Tricity is relatively simple, because the cities are like beads on a string - the transport corridor linking Gdansk with Gdynia.

The charms of living in the Tricity combine harmoniously with natural attractions. The coastline offers a variety of environments, from the sandy beaches in Sopot and Gdansk and the lowland coast of the Bay of Puck, to the cliff coastline of Redlowo and Oksywie. The vitality of flora and fauna on Sobieszewska Island, at the mouth of the The Vistula, is truly amazing.

An adventure on the Baltic Sea can start with a visit to one of the beaches in Stogi, Brzeeno or Sopot. Piers are a seaside attraction here. The oldest and longest pier in Sopot offers a walk of 516 meters into the sea. A seaside cruise is available from Dlugie Pobrzeze in Gdansk, the pier in Sopot and the port in Gdynia. Most of the ships sail to Hel, a picturesque fishing port on the other side of the Bay of Gdansk.