Souvenirs and gourmets from Gdansk

The Tricity is famous for fish. The Fish Hall in Gdynia offers all kinds of seafood. The Polish Baltic coast is rich in herring, cod, salmon, eel, turbot and flounder. Hel hosts an annual competition for the most interesting herring dish. Beer famous across Europe has been brewed in Gdansk for centuries. Other local specialties include Goldwasser - a clear herb liqueur with gold flakes, Piolunowka - a modern version of absinthe, and Dzika Pszczola (Wild Bee) - a honey vodka with forest herbs.

Amber is one of a typical souvenirs from Gdansk. If you fail to find any on the shore, there are ready-made amber decorative items and jewellery on sale at numerous souvenir stores in the Tricity.