Wolin Island

Seashore cliff

Poland’s largest island. Its most scenic part constitutes the Wolin National Park with four post-glacial lakes and characteristic sandy cliff nearly 100 m high in places. The flora of the park includes such rare plant species as orchids, sea-holly and common honeysuckle. The park’s rich bird life (200 species) is represented by bald eagle, ruff and mute swan.

There is a small bison reserve inside the park. Otter and ermine can also be encountered.

Miedzyzdroje, Wiselka and Miedzywodzie are the major holiday centers, while the town of Wolin hosts the Festival of Vikings every summer.

Wolin National Park, Miedzyzdroje, ul. Niepodleglosci 3a tel. +(48-91) 328 07 37, 328 07 27, fax 328 03 57 www.wolinpn.pl