Wyborowa Single Estate

One Single Production Site

The Wyborowa Single Estate concept originated from the 18th century when vodka was distilled at country houses and monasteries. The gentry and monastic orders actually competed with each other to produce the finest quality vodka. At this time distilling vodka also symbolised the achievements of Polish science. True to that tradition Wyborowa Single Estate now represents one of the greatest achievements in vodka making. Based on a unique recipe it is produced at a single distillery in Turew, which ensures consistent quality and character. The entire production process, which includes small–batch distillation, is supervised by the Master Distiller’s team on the Estate.

The concept

The concept of Wyborowa Single Estate combines three fundamental features which reflect elements of not only vodka but also wine and malt whisky production.

Ingredients: RYE - “Queen of Flavour. Wyborowa Single Estate is produced using only one single rye variety, DANKOWSKIE ZLOTE”.

Unique Environment: Dankowskie Zlote Rye is sown and harvested from SELECTED RYE FIELDS, which are surrounded by natural shelterbelts, creating a soft microclimate.

Expertise: Craftsmanship & Knowledge.

  • Wyborowa Single Estate is crafted by the Estate team under strict controls. The entire production process, which includes small batch distillation, guarantees complete traceability and results in a supreme vodka with unmatchable smoothness and sophistication.
  • The first step of production, based on methods perfected over the last 500 years, takes place in a small single farm distillery on the TUREW ESTATE. The initial distillation process is performed on a traditional single copper column and produces ‘raw spirit’. This gentle distillation process at the farm distillery retains an exceptional rye character, rich flavour and natural sweetness.
  • The second step of production takes place at our rectification plant. Here, we purify the ‘raw spirit’ from the natural by-products of rye fermentation. The secret of our purification process allows us to create a unique smoothness, and maintain a distinctive rye flavour with a refined character. This is not commonly found in vodkas based on neutral spirit. Purified spirit is then blended with water from own source under a fully controlled process to create Wyborowa Single Estate.


The Wyborowa Single Estate bottle was conceived by Frank Gehry, one of our greatest living architects and famous for outstanding structures such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in
Los Angeles. Frank Gehry is of Polish descent and for this reason was the only designer considered for this project.The bottle design conveys a fusion of the Polish heritage & contemporary sophistication and mirrors the beauty and exquisite quality of Wyborowa Single Estate.

Tasting Notes

(N) - Nose, (P) - Palate, and (F) – Finish

  • N: Elegant, lightly spicy rye, garnished with Brazil nuts and biscuity notes.
  • P: Elegant mouth-feel with fresh rye bread, Brazil nuts and growing savoury creaminess, with sweetness balanced by lightly toasty dryness.
  • F: Spicy, sweet-dry nutty finish, with a hint of sesame.