Polanica Zdroj

  • submontane health spa
  • submontane climate, moderately stimulating
  • height 380 m above sea level
  • postal code 57-320 Polanica Zdroj
  • telephone area code +48-74

Tourist Information: ul. Zdrojowa 13, tel. +48 74 8681301

Main treatment areas: circulatory and digestive system diseases, rheumatic disorders.

Natural therapeutic resources: mineral waters (0.09-0.27%) – bicarbonate-calcium oxalate waters.

Spa industry: bottling of Wielka Pieniawa therapeutic water.

Location: Polanica Zdroj lies on the river Bystrzyca Dusznicka in the Klodzka Valley. It has a gentle sub-mountain climate. The town’s spa part, which lies on gently sloping hills, is surrounded by a beautiful park full of old trees and exotic shrubs. Polanica’s history as a spa dates back to the 19th century. The Baths, the park with a pump-room, and the theatre were built at that time. The springs Wielka Pieniawa and Jozef were drilled, and the still-existing spa house opened in 1906. The beautiful historical Wielka Pieniawa sanatorium stands right next to the park. Treatment facilities: sanatoriums and spa hospitals with 1,107 beds.

Available therapy: pump-room, physiotherapy centre, spa health clinic.

Attractions and cultural events: Polanice includes the Mieczyslawa awiklinska Spa Theatre and a cinema. Music-lovers can enjoy concerts of chamber music at the band shell, and organ music concerts. Events include an International Chess Tournament, POL-8 Amateur Film Festival, International Spa and Tourism Trade Fair, and Polanica Days with their rich programme.

Sightseeing: 18th-century Jesuit Manor, Artistic Glass Works, Mission Museum of the Order of the Sacred Heart.

Tourism and sports: tourist routes to Bledne Skaly, the Stolowe and Bystrzyckie mountains, and the rocky reserves of Szczeliniec; Topieliska nature reserve at the foot of Mt Zieleniec.