Poland’s capital city

Totally destroyed during WWII, the Old Town and the Royal Castle were reconstructed and found their way on UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

Very popular with tourists are the Old Town Square lined with burgher houses, Royal Castle, Barbican and the Gothic St John’s Cathedral.

Along the Royal Way visitors will find many old churches and palaces, including the Holy Cross Church where reposes the urn with Frederick Chopin’s heart.

Worth a visit are two royal palace and park complexes: the Lazienki – summer residence of the last Polish king, and the baroque Wilanow - suburban residence of King Jan III Sobieski.

The highest building in Warsaw, the Palace of Culture and Science in the city’s centre, is a gift from the Soviet Union. From the terrace on the 30th floor enfolds a splendid, panoramic view over the city and its environs.

Warsaw hosts many top-class cultural events: Jazz Jamboree, Warsaw Autumn, Mozart Festival, and the Chopin Piano Competition held every fifth year.

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