Travel manual

Welcome to Poland - the country that can provide the unforgettable impressions for tourists with the most diversified interests.

Nature lovers will certainly enjoy the golden beaches of the Baltic Sea coast in the north and the rocky peaks of the Tatra Mountains in the south. Water sports fans will love the Great Masurian Lakes and hikers will feel happy on the Bieszczady trails, amidst the wilderness of that green mountain range. They may encounter a bison, the Europe’s biggest animal, living in its natural habitat that occupies a part of the Bialowieza primeval forest; enjoy pleasures of photo-safari in the unique Biebrza River Marshes or the thrilling experience of rafting through the Dunajec Gorge. Keen hikers can venture a climb to the tops of shifting dunes in the Slowinski National Park.

Buffs of history and historical mementoes are welcome to visit carefully restored complexes of old Polish cities, including the royal castles in Warsaw and Cracow, Poland’s former capital. They will enjoy touring old magnate residences remembering the bygone times and visiting numerous museums, including the fascinating underground galleries of the medieval salt mine in Wieliczka, or the biographical museum of Nicolaus Copernicus in the old bishops’ residence in Frombork.

In the homeland of Chopin and Penderecki, the enthusiasts of arts will find a rich calendar of artistic events. The highlights of Polish artistic seasons are the worldwide known Chopin International Piano Competition, Wieniawski International Violin Competition, Warsaw Autumn - International Festival of Contemporary Music, Jazz Jamboree - International Jazz Festival, Picnic Country - International Country Music Festival, and numerous art and folklore youth festivals and meetings.

Observers of contemporary social and political developments will easily identify Poland as the homeland of Pope John Paul II and as the cradle of the Solidarity movement that had made the whole communist system tremble and brought about radical political changes in Central Europe.

All these facts are worth remembering while taking in hand the present travel manual that is predominantly of practical character. It provides readers with general information about Poland, travelling tips and many suggestions for interesting ways of passing the time.