Active Leisure

Welcome to Poland. If you are looking for an adventure, you will find one here. Come and try us!

You can wander amidst huge shifting dunes, stand face to face with a bison in its original European habitat, canoe between walls of reed which are several metres high, observe a unique in Europe kingdom of aquatic birds, or enjoy the beauty of wild and meandering crystal-clear rivers. You can also enjoy the excitement of rafting down wild river rapids encompassed on each side with several hundred metre high rocky walls which appear to touch the sky above your head.

These are just a few of the attractions Poland has to offer. If you enjoy mountain biking in really demanding conditions, Mt Sniezka, the highest peak in the Sudety Mountains, is waiting for you. If you enjoy the romantic ambience of equestrian experience you should not hesitate to try a horse riding tour in the Beskids on small mountain horses known as huculy. If you enjoy cross-country trips amidst lovely nature covered with a thick blanket of snow we invite you to try the northern trails.

Can you imagine a winter kayaking trip along the narrow rivers of the Pomeranian Lakeland? Have you ever been in Europe’s eastern most alpine type mountain range – the Tatras?

If you want to enjoy any of these adventures, come and visit us. Come to Poland! If you love mountains you will be seduced by the beauty of the vast and tranquil Bieszczady mountain meadows. If you enjoy long bicycling trips you can take in the treasures of Polish cultural heritage and nature while travelling along the 675 km trans- European bicycling route. If you love sailing, come to the Great Masurian Lakes or to the Szczecin Lagoon. If you are fond of hiking tours, the untouched nature of the Suwalki and Kashubian regions are waiting for you. If you are a devoted angler, enjoy photo safari or recording bird voices, then come to Poland! Polish rivers, meadows and forests have some of the best hunting grounds you can dream of!

Remember: Poland!

Remember: Adventure!

Decision: Let’s go!