Szczecin Lagoon

Paradise for sailors

The Szczecin Lagoon (952 sq km) takes in all the Odra River’s waters and carries them into the Baltic Sea. Ports of Trzebiez, Wolin, Stepnica and Nowe Warpno sit on the Szczecin Lagoon banks.

The lagoon is a popular sailing centre. It hosts the annual Bald Eagle Survival Event which is a combination of hiking tour along the Wolin National Park trails with biking and kayaking through canals and flood waters of the Old Swina and Lake Wicko. The competition includes special tasks such as diving, rope glides, pontoon maneuvering and the like.

Tourist Information Center, Szczecin, ul. Niepodleglosci 1 tel./fax +(48-91) 434 04 40

Sea Eagle Race, Swinoujscie, ul. Szkolna 13a/13, tel./fax +(48-91) 322 22 34