Papal Cream Cake

It does not happen all too often that a casual remark can shoot up a tasty but ordinary titbit into stardom. It was during the 1999 visit to his home town of Wadowice that Pope John Paul II summoned the memories of his younger days. What he said then had a great effect on the whole of the Polish confectionery business. The Pope reminisced about the sweet taste of the cream cake called kremowka which he and his schoolmates used to buy in a pastry shop in the market square. On the very next day, kremowka became the order of the day in all local tea-rooms and confectionery shops! And so, the cake has been known ever since as “Papal kremowka”. Henryk Podsiadly, the confectioner at Warsaw’s Europejski Hotel recommends his own kremowka: a thick layer of cream and custard filling sandwiched between two squares of delicate French puff pastry, with a whiff of brandy to taste. If you have a sweet tooth, the Malopolska region in the south of Poland is an ideal place to visit. And not only that – another attraction beckoning visitors is a walk in the splendid Tatra mountains. While visiting Malopolska, you cannot miss the royal city of Cracow, Poland’s former capital. The city is steeped in history and has a vibrant social life. Its many popular cafés, discos, pubs and restaurants scattered around Europe’s biggest medieval market square are open long into the night, always crowded with guests.

Papal Cream Cake


  • Cake:
    • 25dag.of wheat-flour
    • 1 slab of margarine
    • 3 table spoonfuls of water
    • 3 yolks
  • Cream:
    • 3glassfuls of milk
    • 15dag. of sugar
    • 1 packet of vanilla-flavoured sugar
    • 3 yolks


The cake: sift flour. Add margarine and we can mix it together with flour. When there are no lumps, we add yolks, water and knead pastry. We cool the pastry in the fridge for approximately 3 hours. Cooled, the pastry is taken out of the fridge and two cakes are baked in big baking tins greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs. We bake the cakes until they become light-golden.

Cream: we boil two glassfuls of milk with sugar and vanilla-flavoured sugar. Yolks are mixed with a blender, we add milk and flour. The mixed pastry is poured onto boiling milk. We boil the whole. Hot cream is put onto the baked, cool cake and covered with the other one. Then sprinkle the top with icing sugar. ENJOY YOUR MEAL ! We put aside the cake to cool and moisten.