Neo-Gothic castle and dendrological park

Kornik has found its way to the tourist brochures thanks to its castle, a perfectly preserved magnate residence originally erected in the 15th century, which acquired its present neo-Gothic shape in the mid-19th century.

The castle library consists of 320,000 volumes, and the 19th century interiors contain a wealth of beautiful and precious objects d’art, furniture, sculptures, paintings, armor and military accessories, china, and tapestries.

Behind the castle is a large, English-style park (18th c.) known as the arboretum with about 3,000 species of trees and shrubs.

Castle, Kornik, ul. Zamkowa 5; tel. +(48-61) 817 00 81, tel./fax 817 19 30; www.bkpan.poznan.pl