Osowka and Walim

Mysterious subterranean city

Excavations of the underground galleries near Osowka and Gluszyca in the Sowie Mountains began in 1943, most probably in order to set up there a factory of Hitler’s secret weapons.

Approximately 1,700 meters of a subterranean trail consisting of passages and caverns can be visited.

Another complex of underground galleries and shafts was built near Walim towards the end of WWII. The tourist trail (750m) can be visited with a guide. An exhibition related to Hitler’s various headquarters and the Third Reich’s subterranean factories of weaponry was arranged under the ground.

Tourist Information Bureau, Gluszyca, ul. Grunwaldzka 30 tel. +(48-74) 845 62 20, fax 845 63 32, www.osowka.pl

Museum of the Walim Shafts, Walim, ul. 3 Maja 26, tel./fax +(48-74) 845 73 00, www.sztolnie.pl