Medical aid

Medical care in cities and tourist areas is on a pretty high level.

Persons coming to Poland on tourist visits are able to obtain emergency medical assistance in the framework of health care coverage they have in the countries of permanent residence. It is necessary to present form E-111 certified before arrival in Poland by a competent domestic authority. Form E-112 - along with the consent of the insurer - entitles the bearer to come to Poland for other than emergency medical treatment.

Students from EU countries are entitled to all medical services on the basis of form E-128.

If there is no agreement with a given country enabling free access to medical aid facilities, the tourist has to pay on the spot from his/her own resources. Only the first aid facilities are free of charge.

To ensure that your medication costs will be returned, it is recommended to purchase a relevant insurance in one’s country of origin. The network of pharmacies is entirely sufficient. However, as some specialist medicines have to be ordered from the wholesaler, it is recommended to bring them with you from your country.