Kamien Pomorski

  • seaside spa 
  • lowland climate with marine climate features 
  • height 10 m above sea level
  • postal code 72-400 Kamien Pomorski 
  • telephone area code +48-91

Tourist Information: OTTON, Pl. Katedralny 1, tel. +48 91 3821858

Main treatment areas: respiratory and circulatory system diseases, mobility, neurological and rheumatic disorders.

Natural therapeutic resources: 3.5% chlorine- sodium-bromine brine, therapeutic mud.

Location: Kamien Pomorski is a charming little spa on the Kamienski Reservoir, 8 km from the Baltic. It has a lowland climate with the features of a maritime climate. A cruise boat is available to take visitors across the reservoir to the seaside. There was a stronghold at Kamien Pomorski as early as the 9th century, and there was a settlement here in antiquity. The town’s name (Pomeranian Stone) comes from an erratic boulder called the Royal Boulder, which lies in the waters of Kamienski Reservoir. The spa is a district of the town of Kamien Pomorski. It was established after the accidental discovery of brine springs in 1876, and with time therapeutic mud from the surrounding peat-bogs was also used in therapy.

Treatment facilities: sanatoriums and spa hospitals with 350 beds.

Available therapy: physiotherapy centres, physiotherapy centre, indoor brine pool.

Events: International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music (June-September).

Sightseeing: St. John the Baptist’s Cathedral – one of the finest historic buildings in Western Pomerania, with Romanesque- Gothic architecture, and a Baroque organ from 1669; Gothic-style Town Hall (currently housing the Municipal Board), 14th-century Episcopal Curia, Church of the Virgin Mary, preserved defensive walls, 16th-century Wolinska Gate.

Tourism and sports: water-sports centre; interesting excursions to Chrzaszczewska Island, and to Dziwnow, Niechorze and Zolcino on the coast. The surrounding area includes angling sites, exercise paths, and a tennis court.