Hunting with a fishing-rod

There are many localities in Poland which are considered a real paradise for anglers. Cat-fish of over 70kg were caught in the Vistula and Odra, the biggest Polish rivers. The longest eel caught in Poland measured over 120cm and weighed 6kg, the biggest perch - 109cm and 15.6kg, trout - 82cm and 5.4kg, pike - 128cm and 24.1kg. Our mountain streams, especially in the Carpathian region, teem with trout and grayling. Comfortable accommodation facilities are offered by the Czchow-Zapora Angling Centre on the Roznowskie Lake near Nowy Sacz and in the Sudeten Mountains - at the Nysa Angling Centre on the Klodzko-Otmuchowski Reservoir. Enthusiasts of flyfishing are welcomed by the centre at Krepsko upon the Gwda near Pila. The coastal rivers such as the Leba and Slupia attract anglers fond of catching salmon and sea trout.

Beautiful lakes, full of sheatfish, eel, pike and perch, and boat rental centres await for those anglers who wish to fish in the lakelands of the Masuria, Kashubia or Lubusz. Anglers, whether Polish or foreign, must be holders of the Polish angling IDs or have a licence purchased from the owner of the given body of water, release too small a catch unharmed and not fish during the off season period. (see: Table of size limits and off seasons). Cod is the main catch from boats on the Baltic Sea offshore waters, but the garfish up to 100cm can be also be caught in the Bay of Puck in early June. The Polish Angling Union organises many angling contests, also in the under-ice fishing. Powan can be trolled in the deep and clear waters of some Masurian lakes.

Try your luck - maybe your greatest fishing adventure is waiting for you in Poland!

For more information contact the headquarters of the Polish Angling Union, 00-831 Warsaw, ul. Twarda 42, tel./fax +(48-22) 620-50-89; e-mail:,,  

Off season periodSize Limits
Barbel1 Jan. - 30 June40 cm
Danube salmon1 March - 31 May70 cm
IdeNo seasonal protection25 cm
CarpNo seasonal protection30 cm
ChubNo seasonal protection25 cm
Bream10 April - 20 JuneNo size limits
European grayling1 March - 31 May30 cm
Burbot1 Dec. - 28 Feb.No size limits
PerchNo seasonal protectionNo size limits
RoachNo seasonal protectionNo size limits
River trout1 Sept. - 31 Jan.30 cm
Perch1 Jan. - 31 May45 cm
Powan15 Oct. - 31 Dec.35 cm
Sheatfish1 Nov. - 30 June70 cm
Pike1 Jan. - 30 April45 cm
EelNo seasonal protection45 cm