Hunting with a Camera, a Microphone or a Fishing-Rod

Waiting for your arrival

We will show you our most spectacular natural treasures. You will wander through the primeval forests and see the only natural habitat of the European bison, the biggest mammal on the old continent and a close cousin of the American buffalo, a descendant of the aurochs. You will see the place where sand destroys wildlife, which - ignoring all laws of nature - renews itself and expands even more vigorously than before. You will be able to record on film and tape the large breeding grounds of various , rare or unknown in other parts of Europe. You will follow the paths of red-deer and wolf and enjoy the possibility of recording their bellowing and howling. You will also be thrilled when trying to pull a huge catfish from the waters or catch a big eel.

Poland’s wildlife may be very attractive even for experienced travellers. Come to Poland - the country of well-preserved European nature. You will leave our country with rich recordings of its splendid images and exciting sounds.