Restaurants in Gdansk

The Tricity’s restaurants and hotels offer quality food at a variety of prices. In Gdansk we recommend: 

  • Barylka, 24 Dlugie Pobrzeze St., traditional Polish cuisine. 
  • Gdanska, 16 Sw. Ducha St., old Gdansk and international cuisine. 
  • Kameralna, 50 Lakowa St., traditional Polish cuisine. 
  • Kubicki, located on Targ Rybny Street, a traditional prewar Polish restaurant. 
  • Pod Lososiem, 54 Szeroka St., Polish cuisine. 
  • Tawerna, located on Dlugi Targ Street, next to Zielona Gate, seafood. 
  • Towarzystwo Gastronomiczne, located in the basement of the Old Town Hall, Polish and French cuisine. 
  • U Szkota, 12 Chlebnicka St., Glowne Miasto, Polish and Scottisch cuisine.

In Sopot:

  • Bacowka, Jantarowa St., Jelitkowo. 
  • Irena, Chopina St., traditional Polish cuisine. 
  • Villa Hestia, 3 Wladyslawa IV St., Polish and French cuisine.

Outside the Tricity: 

  • EMI Restaurant, Puck, Polish cuisine, fish, beer pub with traditions. 
  • Maszoperia, Hel, a traditional Kashubian restaurant. 
  • Pod Wieza, Szymbark, Kashubian and Polish cuisine.

There are also plenty of restaurants in the Tricity and environs offering various national cuisines and international dishes.