Fuel stations

Poland has a dense network of fuel station owned by Polish companies such as Orlen, and Rafineria Gdanska, as well as authorised stations belonging to such foreign companies as Aral, Esso, Jet, Neste, Shell, and Statoil.

There are also many private petrol stations along . Most fuel stations located along international routes and some selected stations in large cities are open 24 hours. Other stations are usually open from 6 a.m. to 8 or 10 p.m.

Fuel stations offer:

  • regular petrol (Etylina 94), known as yellow (leaded);
  • lead-free petrol (Etylina 95 and 98), known as green;
  • lead-free petrol (Etylina U95) for vehicles without catalyst;
  • diesel fuel (ON).

Some petrol stations sell liquefied gas fuel and those are marked with LPG-GAZ or Auto-Gaz signs.

In addition to fuels, most petrol stations sell automotive accessories, snacks, beverages, foodstuffs, cosmetics, etc.