Shifting dunes

This exciting trail runs through the Slowinski National Park. The most unusual feature of the park are its wind-shifting sand dunes (42m high and 300m long) which move at a speed of up to 9m a year. Not far inland there are three fresh water lakes. At the village of Kluki there is a skansen of the Slovincian culture and atop the nearby Rowokol Hill there is an ancient tribal ritual site. There stands a tower which offers beautiful and panoramic views over the sea, dunes, lakes and surrounding forests. At Smoldzino tourists can visit the natural history museum of the park.

The trail winds its way through little paths and country lanes, void of asphalt and shaded under the magnificent plane trees. Visitors can travel along the sea coast and its wonderful beaches; an old church covered with sand is still visible by the Ustka - Leba trail running along the high seashore overgrown with a variety of plants, shrubs and trees. The 60km of trail from Leba via the Slowinski National Park to Slupsk is particularly attractive. From Leba cyclists can ride through the park to the village of Rowy, and then onto Ustka, Jaroslawiec, Darlowo and Darlowek. Buried at Darlowek is the notorious Scandinavian ruler King Erik VII (1397-1459) who lived out the last years of his life in exile there. Buried with the king was a golden pigeon, his life-long friend.

The 100km of cycling trails are well-marked, and bikes can be hired in many centres at Leba and Rowy


  • Slupsk 76-200, ul. Wojska Polskiego 16, tel. +(48-59) 842-07-91, 842-43-26,
  • Leba 84-600, ul. 11 Listopada M, tel. +(48-59) 866 17 75
  • Ustka 76-270, ul. Marynarki Polskiej 87, tel. +(48-59) 814-71-70,