Cultural treasures

The National Museum houses a collection of old paintings and other crafts. The most famous work is The Last Judgment, a painting by Hans Memling. The life of the Gdansk townspeople is displayed at exhibitions in the Gdansk History Museum, Artus Court and Uphagen’s House, where visitors can admire the wealth and splendour of the apartments of Gdansk’s patricians. The history of maritime culture can be viewed at the Central Maritime Museum. The Maritime Aquarium in Gdynia is a delight for lovers of exotic aquatic life.

Also intriguing are the smaller “beads” of the Tricity necklace on the Gdansk-Gdynia route. Wrzeszcz has an atmosphere from the late 19th and early 20th century, including eclecticstyle houses and Vienna Secession-style villas. Sights worth seeing include a 19th-century brewery and a settlement of workers’ cottages. This is the hometown of Günter Grass, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature. Oliwa, site of the International Organ Festival, is famous for its cathedral, containing an original Rococo organ.