Cracovian culinary specialities

Such dishes as goulash or boiled beef with dill or horse-radish sauce are available in many Cracovian restaurants. Very typical for Cracovian cuisine is maczanka Cracovian style: slices of pork stewed with onion and cumin, served with sauce on a special roll. Roast duck with mushrooms served with buckwheat kasha is another popular speciality. Oscypek and bundz, the only two original Polish sheep cheeses are made in the Podhale region near Cracow. The Cracovian vanilla-flavoured cheese cake is a delightful dessert. Two other tasty desserts served in Cracovian cafés are pishingier, a wafer cake with alcoholic chocolate layers, and the famous Papal cream cake. Visible everywhere since they are sold by street vendors are the Cracovian obwarzanki or cracknels, often dusted with coarse salt or poppy-seeds.