Wigry National Park

Camaldolese monastery and Lake Wigry

Park Several dozen lakes interconnected by rivers are the real wealth of the park. The largest is Lake Wigry (73m deep, 5th largest in Poland). River Czarna Hancza flows through the park and together with the Augustow Canal constitute Poland’s most attractive kayaking route. The wildlife is diverse and the beaver is the park’s emblem.

There is a Camaldolese monastery (17th-18th cc.), church and hermitages located on a peninsula in Lake Wigry. The monastery has been turned into a working pension for writers and other artists.

Wigry National Park, Krzywe 82, tel./fax+(48-87) 566 63 22 www.wigry.win.pl

Work Centre for Artists, Wigry, tel.+(48-87) 563 70 00 fax 563 70 18, www.wigry.org