By bicycle to medieval castles...

Centuries ago knights dismounted their horses before entering a castle yard. Today cyclists park their bikes in front of the castle gates. Some of them belong to the "Castles" group of tourists who travel around the Krakow-Czestochowa region. They visit old castles, including the Royal Castle on the Wawel Hill in Cracow, travel around the Pomeranian and Masurian regions, stopping at the Gothic castles built by the Teutonic Knights. Their itinerary leads through Mazovia, where they pay a visit to the Royal Castle of Warsaw and to the ruins of the Gothic castles at Czersk and Liw.

Very popular with tourists is the castle of Golub-Dobrzyn, which is on the list of ten most attractive medieval strongholds in Europe.

The castle hosts international knights tournaments and crossbow contests. Similar events are held in the castles of Gniew, Brodnica, Ostroda and Ryn. The castle at Chojnik near Jelenia Gora plays the same role in the region of the Sudety Mountains.