Trzesacz and Gryfice

Bride of the Sea

Beach resort on the Baltic Sea with ruins of a Gothic church perched on the high cliff and known as the Bride of the Sea. Only a tiny fragment of the building’s southern wall remained of the original brick church (15th c.) erected 2 km from the seashore. In the mid-19th century only one meter separated the church wall from the sea waves. The church was then closed and its historical baroque highalter was transferred to the cathedral in Kamien Pomorski.

In summer Trzesacz can be reached by the old narrowgauge train which starts at Gryfice, where the museum of the narrowgauge railways is located.

Information, Promotion and Recreation Center, Rewal, ul. Szkolna 1 tel./fax +(48-91) 386 26 27,, Museum of Railways, Gryfice, ul. Blonie tel. +(48-91) 384 55 96