The Botanical Garden of Wroclaw University

The Botanical Garden was established in 1811 as a research institute of Wroclaw University. It ranks among the oldest university institutions of that type in Poland. Located in the area of the city’s fortifications and its oldest district, i.e. Ostrow Tumski, nearby monumental Gothic churches, the Garden is a centre of recreation for the inhabitants of Wroclaw and an attraction for the visitors to the city. The vegetation growing here ravishes the eye with its seasonally changing beauty. At present the Garden’s surface totals 19.4 ha, which includes 7.4 ha of the Wroclaw Botanical Garden and 12 ha of its branch, i.e. Arboretum Wojslawice.

The Garden’s directors were represented by many distinguished botanists, to mention only palaeobotanist Prof. H. R Goeppert or A. Engler, the author of a novel system of plant taxonomy. World War II did not spare the Garden, which was severely bombed during the warfare: 50% of the treestand and almost 100% of the herbaceous and glasshouse plants got damaged. It was as late as 1948 that reconstruction was undertaken thanks to the initiative and personal commitment of many people, Prof. H. Telezynski and Prof. S. Macko among others.

The Botanical Garden of Wroclaw University

ul. Sienkiewicza 23,
50-335 Wroclaw, Polska
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Opened: April-October
Visiting hours: 8 a.m.-6 p.m.