Bieszczady Mountains

The Bieszczady Mountains are a real paradise for those who enjoy romantic aspect of hiking. They seem to be rather uninhabited. Long hiking trips in the mountains will bring you to the remains of former villages; you will walk through the vast alpine meadows known as poloniny and find refuge at the mountain huts located miles way from any human settlements. The Bieszczady National Park protects the local fauna and flora. Visitors should be ready for an occasional encounter with a brown bear, hearing the cries of wolves howling and the rutting roars of stags. Over 300km of marked tourist trails await trekking, riding, skiing and biking enthusiasts alike. Picturesquely located Lake Solinskie attracts many sailors and boaters. After a few days of touring along the poloniny you will feel as if you are a part of the beautiful Bieszczady nature. The most convenient starting points are located in Ustrzyki Dolne and Wetlina.

The Wolosate equestrian centre, where the little but mighty huculy are available for cross country rides, is wonderfully situated at the foot of Mt Tarnica (1345m), the highest peak of the Bieszczady region.

The route know as the Great Bieszczady Loop (147km) - from Lesko via Baligrod, Jablonki, Cisna, Wetlina, Brzegi Gorne, Utrzyki Gorne, Berezka, Stuposiany, Lutowiska, Czarna, Ustrzyki Dolne, and Olszanica back to Lesko - is an exhilarating challenge to cyclists who climb to an altitude of 872m above sea level. Trails of the wild Otryt Range are an even greater challenge to cyclists. Attractions of the Bieszczady region include the 100 year old narrow-gauge railway line joining Majdan with Przyslup - from the windows of the old train enfolds a magnificent view of the scenic landscape dotted with charming little Orthodox timber churches. 


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