Beer and salt from Wroclaw

The southern fasade of the Town Hall is also the entrance to Piwnica Swidnicka, Wroclaw’s most famous beer cellar, originating from the early 14th century. "Who hasn’t been to Piwnica Swidnicka, hasn’t been to Wroclaw", as the saying goes. As in centuries past, the Old Town and especially the Market Square, is the place for meetings, with close to 200 restaurants, cafés, pubs and clubs. Besides Piwnica Swidnicka, also worth recommending is Spiz brewery, located in the underground section of the new Town Hall. The bar offers homemade wheat beer, which is excellent with whole-meal bread and smalec – a traditional Polish spread made from lard and spices.

Wroclaw has always made a living off trade, so it has a number of squares. Beside the Market Square, there are Solny (Salt) Square and Nowy Targ (New Market). Salt stalls used to line the northern side of Solny Square. Honey and wax, precious furs, caviar, tea and even goat’s meat were also sold here. The last salt stalls were abolished in 1815, but trading in the square continues. Flower sellers are here until late at night, and it is also a meeting place for lovers, who arrange dates at the fountain with the dragon or at the stone spire.