Architectural gems in the Market Square

The heart of Wroclaw is the Market Square, one of the most beautiful and largest urban squares in Poland. As in centuries past, it is home to large banks, elegant stores and famous restaurants. Wroclaw’s Market Square was built on the crossroads of important transport routes running from the Czech Republic in the south, to the north, and from Western Europe to the East.

The wealth of Wroclaw’s residents was built on international trade, and the city grew rich from the taxes flowing into its coffers. With over 20,000 residents in the 14th century, Wroclaw was among the largest cities of Europe at the time. In 1387 it became a member of the Hanseatic league, the powerful union of northern German, Rheinland, Teutonic, Swedish and Polish towns, which monopolized northern European trade and became a political power.

People come to Wroclaw for more than just business. Kings, emperors and presidents have been guests at the Under the Golden Sun, Under the Seven Electors and Under the Blue Sun tenement houses located on the Market Square. They have received homage, held political negotiations and borrowed money from the city. Today their former residences are the most beautiful buildings in the Market Square, and the Town Hall is recognised as a gem of Gothic-Renaissance urban architecture.