With its 26,000 kilometres of running waters, 9,286 lakes, many lagoons, ponds and the Baltic Sea coast, Poland is a real paradise for anglers. The Masurian lakes as well as rich in trout rivers of Pomerania, the Sudeten and the Beskids Mountains are the most attractive angling areas of Europe. The inland waters of Poland are inhabited by nearly 70 fish species, including the highly valued by anglers salmon, trout, pike, eel, perch-pike and carp. In all matters related to angling, hobbyists should contact the Polish Angling Union. It’s the most popular association of anglers in Poland. For information about actual rules and regulations contact:

Polish Angling Union, ul. Twarda 42, 00-831 Warsaw tel./fax +(48-22) 620 50 85,

Anglers who wish to practice their hobby in Poland need a payable licence that can be obtained from the local administration authorities. The district board of the Polish Angling Union establishes the fee that ranges between PLN 20-80, depending on the period, region and the water body.

Notice: As not all water bodies in Poland are managed by the Polish Angling Union, an appropriate local administration authority should be asked to issue the angling licence in such a case.

Anglers should observe the rules and regulations of the Polish Angling Union. They are supposed to get acquainted with them, especially with regulations related to the minimal sizes and close seasons as well as with fishing quotas. Rented boats should be registered and carry appropriate numbers on both sides. Sometimes boats rented by holiday centres to not meet these requirements.