A magical city

Wroclaw is full of magical places. In the old medieval Slaughter House, there is a statue in honor of slaughter animals.

On Swidnicka Street, near the pedestrian subway, is a statue of the Dwarf, the symbol of the Orange Alternative, an artistic movement that was famous for opposing martial law in the 1980s.

Near the southern town hall elevation stands a fountain in the shape of a teddy-bear, children’s favorite meeting spot. It’s a replica of a bronze sculpture from 1904, which stood there till 1945.

Worth seeing is also the monument of excellent comedian Aleksander Fredro (transferred from Lviv in 1956), standing in the southern part of the Market Square.

Every weekend the Baba Jaga tram leaves Teatralny Square, with a cafe on board.

Once you have seen everything from close up and taken the obligatory snapshot at the 14th-century pillory, it’s worth seeing a bird’s-eye view of the city. For the ambitious, we recommend the scenic terrace on the tower (with a total of 300 steps) of St. Elizabeth’s Church, which stands next to the famous tenement houses of Jas (Hansel) and Malgosia (Gretel). There’s also an elevator in the cathedral tower that goes up to the scenic terrace at 60 m. In the evening, visitors can take an unforgettable stroll along the narrow streets of Ostrow Tumski, illuminated by the hazy light of gas lamps.