A city of monuments

Wroclaw is full of magical places. The medieval slaughterhouse has a statue in memory of the animals slaughtered there. On Swidnicka Street, near the pedestrian subway, is the monument of the Dwarf, the symbol of Orange Alternative, a movement famous in the 1980s for its protest against martial law. Every weekend, the Baba Jaga tram departs from Teatralny Square with a café on board.

For the ambitious, we recommend the terrace on the tower of St. Elizabeth’s Church (next to the famous tenement houses Jas (Hansel) and Malgosia (Gretel), with a total of 300 steps. There is also an elevator in the cathedral tower, taking visitors up 60 m to an observation deck. In the evening, we recommend a walk along the streets of Ostrow Tumski, illuminated by the hazy light of gas lamps.